LEMAILLE is elegant, timeless, and sophisticated Global Fashion Brand.

LEMAILLE is part of Esquimalia, Avanti Tutti, Cesar Amadeus and Moutty managed by the Spanish textile group Matius S.A.

Matius S.A. has been in the textile industry for more than 40 years, manufacturing fashion garments nationally and internationally, and working with brands and top of the line clients, we have experience in the elaboration of collections and orders complying with the most advanced technology and design, offering our customers quality garments and complying with all required delivery.

Our Customers are at the heart of our unique business model, which includes design, production, distribution, and sales through our extensive retail network.
LEMAILLE brand offers a unique design of timeless style for women at a competitive price.

Who we are

Dear Customer,

This is Charlotte Odil, Creative Director of Lemaille, I´d like to extend you a warm welcome to our world, we want to share our European style with you.

This collection is a dream coming true, I invite you to be part of our heaven enjoying what you have in your hands, we put our soul, heart and style in each piece.

Welcome to Lemaille world and live your dream!.